Consorzio Costa Smeralda

The Consorzio Costa Smeralda is a non-profit Association, or Consortium, including those people who have purchased land or houses within the territorial limits of the Costa Smeralda, which extends from Pitrizza to Cala di Volpe and terminating just before Portisco.

The Association’s main objective is to protect the territory and the common interests of all the members. The Consorzio does not itself own any land nor houses, neither does it construct houses and consequently does not sell properties. This is done directly by the promoters themselves, through official Real-estate Agencies.

Statute and Building Regulations

The Association’s activity is regulated by the Statute and the rules concerning construction, which anyone building within the territory must comply with, are contained in the Building Regulations.

In order to obtain a building approval each project must pass three tests: the local Comune of Arzachena, the Sardinian Regional Environmental Protection Board and finally, the most severe one, the Architectural Comittee of the Consorzio Costa Smeralda.

This requires that the outline of every projected building be indicated on the site, with a set of poles so that the volume of the construction can be properly evaluated. It must be examined to control that it is well inserted into the natural landscape and that it does not damage the view of other houses at the rear.

This means a greater protection of the investment made within the Consortium’s territory.

All those who purchase land, a villa or an apartment automatically become members of the Consortium. With membership the new owner gains the right to a vote in the General Assembly and may benefit from all the rights and services. When the property is eventually sold, membership is transferred to the new owner.


The Consortium further protects the interests of members by providing other important services: a free medical service at the Medical Centre, a well-equipped fire-brigade with its own helicopter, an efficient security service etc.

Other services include the Costa Smeralda Magazine and many sporting events are organised such as car rallies, world-class regattas, cultural events etc. There are also several discounts and special conditions available for members from various shops and from the airline Meridiana. Consorzio members have access to special parking lots by the main beaches.


Every building plot within the territory is sold complete with all services, water, electricity, telephone, asphalted roads, public illumination, sewage purification plant, etc.

The Costa Smeralda also offers all the necessary tourist attractions of a modern resort, marina, shipyard, boat hire, yacht club, tennis and golf club, guaranteeing future development and world recognition as a tourist area of great prestige.

The Purchase of a Property

In Italy the normal practice is first to sign a preliminary contract which must afterwards be followed by the final sales contract which must be signed before a notary who will then proceed to register it.

On the Costa Smeralda there is the Porto Cervo Real Estate agency that can give a professional assistance in all phases of the transaction.