La Dolce Sposa  

The condominium of La Dolce Sposa lies on the narrow promontory at the right side of the entrance to the bay of Porto Cervo.
It is a unique location, with the open sea on one side and the calm harbour on the other, where there is a very pretty beach, with ever clean water, owing to the currents bringing fresh sea water into the bay.

The name "Dolce Sposa", meaning the "sweet bride", was given by the great architect Luigi Vietti, author of Dolce Sposa as well as the village of Porto Cervo itself, when the young wives of the founding architects would pass the time on this very beach, while their husbands were at work building the first stages of the Costa Smeralda.

Dolce Sposa was built in two phases, the first was the one facing the open sea and much later, the second internal phase, which also has its own salt water swimming pool and has interesting views of the harbour with all its coming and going of the boats. 


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