Luigi Vietti

Architect of the Costa Smeralda

Luigi Vietti and a young Aga Khan

Luigi Vietti was born in Novara and lived to the ripe old age of 95, active in mind and spirit to the end. As architect, he dedicated his early years to the conservation of the existing monumental structures and set down protective the Town Plan of Cortina, Genova, Sanremo and in 1957 of Portofino. Vietti was a habitué of Cortina and designed and restructured many homes there. 

Shortly afterwards the young Aga Khan recruited him to set the bases for the creation of a summer resort, with maximum attention for the conservation of nature. Together with Michele Busiri-Vici and Jacque Couelle, he set up the Costa Smeralda Architectural Committee, with its stringent rules. He supplied many designs to the Costa Smeralda ceramics factory "Cerasarda", for the bathroom tiles and plates and pottery that have elegantly decorated many of the early villas of the Costa Smeralda.

The Cerbiatte villas in Porto Cervo and the Aga Khan's home on the point

His first and most important works were the Village of Porto Cervo and the Cerbiatte villas, where the Aga Khan was to choose as his residence. Porto Cervo has been considered to be a masterpiece in urban design.  Then came the lovely Hotel Pitrizza at Liscia di Vacca and the group of Romazzino villas on the hill overlooking the sea.

In the following years he produced many grand villas and played a major role in the architectural decisions of the Costa Smeralda. All the original "Vietti Villas" are majestic and sumptuous in size, with generous living spaces, a luxury that has now become very rare today, owing to the shortage and high cost of allowed construction capacities of current building plots.  

The Dolce Sposa complex, at the harbour entrance of Porto Cervo is one of his projects and then Cala Granu in the next bay. Incidentally, the name "Dolce Sposa", meaning the "sweet bride", was given by Vietti, when the young wives of the founding architects would pass the time on this very beach, while their husbands were at work building the first stages of the Costa Smeralda.

Cala del Faro was a more recent project, carrying on the tradition of his elegant style. Observed at work, he first drew the the external facades as an artistic painting and then his assistants had the difficult task of making the apartment layouts fit the windows and terraces drawn on the outside. This explains the beauty and harmony of his finished projects.  

A fervent lover of the sea and of sailing, Luigi Vietti possessed one of the most beautiful veteran sail boats, "Tamoury". In his beautiful home, "Villa La Cerva", in Porto Cervo, he had a large collection of antique model sailing ships and he was a founding member of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

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