Cala del Faro

Cala del Faro, the "Cove of the Lighthouse", is situated on the Northernmost point of the Costa Smeralda, on the Capo Ferro headland. The strategic light-house illuminates the tricky passage through the islands Isola delle Bisce, Cappuccini and Caprera.

The recently built village of Cala del Faro was designed by the architect Luigi Vietti, one of the "founding fathers" of the Costa Smeralda style, whose village of Port Cervo being his most important "piece".

Cala del Faro is a group of eight two story buildings, nicely arranged around the cove, with its wide sandy beach, facing the famous sunsets over the archipelago. All the apartments here have good sea views, though their North-easterly disposition makes them rather exposed to the dominant Mistral wind, but provides a most dramatic scenery.

The complex has been very well developed, with much care taken in the completion of the gardens, bridges, little piazzas and pathways leading down to the beach, giving a pleasant, almost  fairy-tale appearance. The services provided by the property management office includes cleaning and change of the linen.



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