The Porto Cervo Village


An aerial photo of Porto Cervo by Technifoto

Porto Cervo is the capital of the Costa Smeralda, which in turn, is the Queen of all seaside resorts. In Porto Cervo you will find all the most exclusive shops, pharmacy, newsagents, restaurants, the Hotel Cervo, the Tennis Club, supermarket, Medical Centre, administrative offices as well as our Real Estate Agency.

The main pedestrian way is the "Passeggiata", stretching the length of the village, with the "Piazzetta degli Archi" on a higher level and the lower "Piazzetta delle Chiacchere", the "chit-chat piazza" leading to the main square.

The main piazza of Porto Cervo Village

This main "Piazzetta", is the central meeting place for everyone and in the evening it is lively with people chatting over drinks and others strolling from the shops to the Old Port, just over the wooden bridge, to look at the large luxury yachts at their moorings.

The village was designed by the famous Architect Luigi Vietti and is considered to be a masterpiece in urban design. 


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